Kuntala is a small in size yet sweet deep blue colored fruit was one of the favorite fruit of school going children those days. The fruit somewhat look like blue berry and when had whole mouth turns violet. The fruit has small seed that is covered by juicy flesh tates best when had with salt. The pale brown tender leaves can be eaten as well.

Name for Kuntala in Other Languages

Synonym : Myrtus Caryophyllata, Syzygium caryophyllaeum Sensu Gamble, Non Gaertn.
Malayalam: Cherujara, Karinjar, Njara, Shenjarel
Kannada: Kunta Nerale
Tulu: Kuntalda Parnd

Medicinal plant

Husk of tree of Kuntala ParnD (berry) has curative qualities for diarrhoea and dysentery. My mother was preparing conji by putting husks of this tree as well as Nerale when I was suffering from bowel disorders, mostly during monsoon. Such seasonal fruits are good for health during summer.


It is a tree native to Sri Lanka and south India, where it grows in the mid altitudes of the Ghat regions of Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. The local name for the tree in Sri Lanka is dhung and coastal region of Karnataka is Kuntala/Kuntu Nerale.

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