Tulu Colors

Tulu Colors

Tulu Colors – Bannolu

Tulu Colors – You must know basic colors in Tulu or Kannada if you are in Karnataka or Coastal Karnataka districts of Mangalore, Udupi and Kasargod to express your thoughts and opinions on the subject. As a foreigner, or from other states of India you purchase items to remember your visit to the country. Whether you are picking yellow (Manjal) t-shirts or a red (Kempu) shoes, you will need to know the Tulu or Kannada word for the color.

Tulu Colors and Kannada, Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, Sanskrit Colors

Serial NumberEnglish ColorsIn TuluIn KannadaIn Kannada ScriptIn TamilIn MalayalamIn TeluguIn SanskritColor
1BlackKappu Kappuಕಪ್ಪುKaruppuKarupp (കറുപ്പ്)Nalupu
7BrownKandu KanduಕಂದುPazuppuThavittu Niram (തവിട്ട്)Godhuma
9SaffronKesari/KaabiKesari/KaaviಕೇಸರಿKaaviKaaviJeguru Rangu/Kashaya Rangu
10OranageKittaleKittaleಕಿತ್ತಳೆAranjuOoRaNc (ഓറഞ്ച്)Khaashaayam
12SilverBolliBelliಬೆಳ್ಳಿ VelliVelliVeMdi
13GoldBangaarChinna/Bangaaraಚಿನ್ನ/ಬಂಗಾರBoodiThangamSwarnna NiramBangaaru
14GreyBonyaBoodiಬೂದಿ SaambaiChaaram (ചാരനിറം)Boodida
15KhakiKhaakiKhaakiಖಾಕಿ KaakiKaakiKhaaki
16CopperPittale/ChombuHittale/Chombuಹಿತ್ತಾಳೆ/ಚೊಂಬು PittalaiChembu NiramRaagi Rangu

What do Tulu Colors or Kannada Colors Represent

White Color in Tulu

White or Boldu in Tulu or Bili in Kannada has a variety of symbolic meanings, including its association with purity, freshness, and sterility. Visually, it can often be used to convey a sense of simplicity or cleanliness, or can be used along with darker colors to create a sense of contrast.

Green Color in Tulu

Pacche in Tulu or Hasiru in Kannada is a color that is universally related to nature, as it is associated with grass, plants, and trees. The color of spring and rebirth also denotes development and regeneration. Another association is getting the green light to proceed, which means activity.

Blue Color in Tulu

The color blue or Neeli in Kannada and Tulu has an association with open spaces, freedom, intuition, creativity, inspiration, and sensitivity, and it signifies both the sky and the sea.

Pink Color in Tulu

Warmth, romance, passion, and charm are all associated with the color pink (Gulabi in Tulu). Pink is a delicate color that reminds people of cuteness, sweetness, pleasure, playfulness, charm, and femininity.

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