tulu months

Tulu Months

Tulu Months in the Year – Thingolu

Tulu Calendar (also known as Varsa, Vorsa or Vodu, Tulu: ವೊರ್ಸೊ) is a traditional Indian solar calendar, generally used in the regions of Northern Parts of Kasaragod District of Kerala, and Dakshina Kannada, Udupi Districts of Karnataka, India.

Tulu Calendar is one of the oldest Indian solar calendars and traditional ones still being used. In our day to day lives, most us follow the Western or Gregorian calendar that consist of twelve months from January to December. But Tuluvas have a specific calendar with our own twelve months for agriculture activities, religious activities and festivals.

A year is called as ‘varsa’ or ‘orsa’ in Tulu and Calendar is Panchanga. The first day of this calendar falls on Bisu (mid April) in ‘Paggu’ month and this day is celebrated as Bisu parba in Tulunadu. Each month has 30 to 31 days and the first day of a Month is called as Thingade or Singade. The last day known as Sankramana or Sankranthi.

The indigenous or Tulu speaking people of Tulu Nadu, Tuluvas who migrated from this region to other places, are the common followers of this calendar system. The first day of this calendar falls on Bisu (middle of the Gregorian month of April).

Name of the Months in Tulu Kannada Tamil Malayalam Telugu and Sanskrit

1Paggu * Chaitra *Chittirai *MedamChaithramu *Caitraa *Mid April - Mid May
2Besha Vaishaakha Vaikaasi EdavamVaisaakhamuVaisaakhaMid May - Mid June
3Kaarthel JyeshTa Aani MidhunamJyeshttaJyesthaMid June - Mid July
4Aati AashaaDha AadiKarkidakamAashaadhamuAashaaḍhaMid July - Mid August
5Sona Shraavana Aavani Chingam *SraavanamuShraavanaaMid August - Mid September
6Nirnaala Bhaadrapada PurattaasiKanniBhaadhrapadamuBhaadrapadaMid Sepetember - Mid October
7Bontyolu Aashwayuja AippasiThulamAasveeyujamuAsveenaMid October - Mid November
8Jaarde Kaarthika KaartikaiVrischikamKaarthikamuKaarttikaMid November - Mid December
9Peraarde Dhanur MaargaliDhanuMaargaseershamuMargaeersaMid December - Mid January
10Ponny/Puyinthel Pushya TaiMakaramPushyamuPauss/TaisyaMid January - Mid February
11Maayi Maagha Maasi KumbhamMaakhamuMaaghaMid February - Mid March
12Suggi Phaalguna PanguniMeenamPhaalgunamuPhaalgunaMid March - Mid April
* Starting Month of the Year

The New Year or the first day of the Vorsa falls in Paggu month of the year and the day is called Bisu (April 14 or 15) and this day is celebrated as Bisu Parba or Yugadi (Souramana) in Tulu Nadu and also in Kerala (Vishu)

Days in the month

Amasae – New moon day
Punnamae – Full moon day
Sankramana / Sankranthi – movement of the sun from one zodiac sign to another (last day of the month)
Singodae / Tingodae – The first day of each month in Tulu Calendar

Seasons of the year

Aregala (Summer)
Maryala (Rainy Season)
Chaligala (Winter)

Important events through the year of Tulu months

Paggu (April–May)

Bisu Parbha or New Year on 14th April

Beshya (May–June)

Pattanaje Tenth day of the month

Aati (July–August)

Aati Amasae, Nagara Panchami, Aati Kalenja, Agel Balasunu

Sona (August–September)

Koral Parba, Ashtami

Nirnaala / Kanya (September–October)

Chauthi, Kaveri Sankramana, Marnemi

Bontyolu (October–November)

Kodi Parba

Jaarde (November–December)

Thudar Parba (Deepawali), Tulasi Parba, Start of Kola, Kule Madime & Kambla season

Peraarde (December–January)


Ponny / Puyinthel (January–February)

Makara Sankranthi, Keddasa

Maayi (February–March)

Kangilu Nalike

Suggi (March–April)

Suggi da Sagoli

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