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Type Kannada Scripts Online

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Type Kannada Script Online

How to Type Kannada Scripts Online without downloading any Kannada Software’s

Welcome to my quick video guide series. Today’s topic is ‘How to Type Kannada Scripts Online’ with the help of Online Editor, easily and without the help of, where you can type only in text format and without downloading any of the Kannada Software’s like Baraha, Nudi etc. With this method, you can create Kannada Tables, Kannada Excel sheets, Kannada Word documents or Kannada Power Point presentations directly into online by adding the ‘Google Input Tools extension’ into google chrome or Firefox web browser.

Here are the Steps

search for the ‘google language input extension’

Very first is to search for the ‘google language input extension’ in Google. It will show,

Google Input Tools Extension

Search for ‘Google Input Tools Extension’ in Google

Add the language extension into Google Chrome

Add the language extension into Google Chrome and include ‘Kannada’ as shown in below screen.

Select the Google Language Kannada from the Google Input Tools Select Extension

Select the Google Language ‘Kannada’ from the Google Input Tools Extension

Enable ‘Kannada Phonetic’ in the extension

Enable ‘Kannada Phonetic’ in the extension. Make sure to disable whenever you don’t want to type Kannada or you want regular English ASCII characters.

Enable or Checkmark the  'Kannada Phonetics'

Enable or Checkmark the ‘Kannada Phonetics’

Search for Online Text Editor in Google

Now search for online text editor in Google, I like this one ‘’ as you can create text, tables, word docs and power point presentations as well with this online editor. You can choose your own online text editor.

Type Kannada Script into

Type Kannada Script into

Start to Type Kannada Scripts Online

Start happily typing in Kannada in your own style (Word, Excel, Tables, Power Point etc.) for your specific requirements, without the need of paid Kannada software’s Baraha, Nudi etc.. Copy and paste into your Word, Excel or Power Point documents.

Here is the full YouTube Video to ‘Type Kannada Scripts Online’

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