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These Teachers Making Tulu Script Popular

Meet the these Teachers Making Tulu Script Popular

This Bangalore Teacher, a Resident of Ullal in Mangalore Attempts at Making Tulu Script Popular – Meet Vidyashri S Ullal

This teacher attempts at making Tulu script popular Participants in Tulu Script Class conducted in Malleswaram in Bengaluru. A teacher from the coastal district has been imparting knowledge on the original script of Tulu language in Bengaluru. She has plans to make the script popular in Mumbai too. Tulu, which is one of the five major Dravidian languages spoken by the people of coastal Karnataka and Kasaragod district of Kerala, is mostly written in Kannada script, though the ancient language has its own script. Karnataka Tulu Sahithya Academy and several other organizations in coastal districts have been promoting the original script of Tulu.

Vidyashri S Ullal, a resident of Ullal in Mangalore, has been making significant contributions to make Tulu script popular by conducting classes. Vidyashri, who has already taught Tulu script to over 500 Tuluvas in Dakshina Kannada and Kasaragod districts, has been conducting classes in Malleswaram, Chamrajpet and Jayanagar for Tuluvas settled in Bengaluru in association with organizations including Namma Tulunadu Trust. She has already taught nearly 150 people in Bengaluru to write Tulu in its original script.

Vidyashri told that the main objective is to make Tulu script popular by teaching it to Tulu speaking community. “I teach Tulu script based on the ‘Tulu Akshara Maale’ of GVS Ullal and Tulu numerals by using Kalakonde calendar. I teach Tulu script in three levels – introduction of letters and writing, old Tulu script in ‘Taale Gari’ (palm leaf manuscript) and translation of palm leaf manuscript. Recently, three batches of 20-30 participants cleared the first level at Malleswaram, Chamrajpet and Jayanagar.

They will be taught the remaining two levels soon. Classes are conducted on weekends from 9am to 5pm based on the convenience of the participants,” Vidyashri said adding that WhatsApp group helps in connecting participants and to hold discussions. She has taught Tulu script in Canara College, Ramakrishna College, Karnataka Tulu Sahithya Academy Chavadi and several other institutions in Dakshina Kannada and Kasaragod districts. She has also got an invitation to conduct classes in Mumbai.

Here’s Another Chance to Learn Tulu from Another Teacher – Meet Lakshmi G Prasad, a Kannada Lecturer Making Tulu Script Popular

It all started with a request on Facebook. After many evinced interest in learning the language, this teacher decided to share her knowledge. There is a large Tulu-speaking population in Bengaluru as many youths from the coastal belt after completing their education end up shifting to Bengaluru for employment. Due to this Tulu language has found its speakers in the city and a teacher is ready.

Inspired by a request from a friend on Facebook, Lakshmi G Prasad, a Kannada lecturer in the Government PU College in Nelamangala, will be launching a free Tulu speaking course at Kala Grama in Mallathahalli. “I have been teaching people casually on WhatsApp. The interest to learn Tulu language has increased probably because Bengaluru has a large Tulu speaking population. I have formed a syllabus for a WhatsApp course, but the students demanded practical sessions mainly for better communication.

Hence from this Sunday, for a fresh batch of about 15 students, we will launch the course from 9.30 am-1.30 pm after which the course will continue on WhatsApp. I have a request from at least 50 people from across Karnataka staying in Bengaluru to join the course. I am also willing to go to places and teach people to speak the language,” she told BM. Lakshmi, who hails from Kolyur in Kasargod district of Kerala bordering Dakshina Kannada, has two doctorates to her credit on Tulu.

Her first doctorate was on the subject ‘Nagabrahmha and Kambala practices of the region’ and the second doctorate was ‘Expression of Tulu culture in paDdanas’. She is the author of about 20 books and has written several articles. Her blog ‘Bhutagala Adbhuta Jagattu’ has about 2.5 lakh views. “It was only after I started writing, I realized that people have immense interest on the subject. For Tulu as a language, the turning point was the World Tulu Sammelana organized in the year 2009- that was when people began to realize the importance of the language and the need to preserve it. There were also reports that Tulu was among the regional languages of India that are facing a threat. The demand for inclusion of Tulu language in the Eight Schedule of the Indian Constitution is only growing stronger with every passing day,” she said.


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