8.5 ways to Learn TULU language by Samuel

Tulu Learning Videos by Samuel USA

Tulu is not jest a language for Mangalorean, it is an emotion

Phenomenal Tulu video by Samuel who is living in Colorado USA. He is learning Tulu by referring some online contents. I’m glad to hear he is learning Tulu and sharing his experiences. I look forward to seeing videos of his learning experiences. I’m pleased that he is sharing the culture and learning the Tulu language. Great work, and keep it up!. If you need further help to learn Tulu and Tulunadu traditions, please feel free to send an email to mangalorelink@gmail.com.

Please visit Mangalore whenever you get a chance to go to India so that you can really feel our language and Tulunadu culture too. Don’t forget to see some of the unique culture of Tulunadu (Mangalore) such as Bhuta Kola(Daiva Worship), Kambla(Buffalo Race), Yakshagana (Folk Dance), Pili Vesha (Tiger Dance)etc. Also, don’t forget to share. If you need any help such as local tour guide, taxi or accommodation in Mangalore, please feel free to contact us. Best time to visit Mangalore is from October to January. And if possible watch great Kannada movies Kanthara and Rangitaranga to get some feel of Tulu culture.

All I’m saying is never stop speaking in Tulu or Kannada or any language you would like to learn in your future. Happy to see you come this long, you will do great. Happy learning Sam.

I am providing the link to one of his Tulu vlog. He got great Kannada vlogs too, please do visit his YouTube channel to support him.

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