Tulu Script Typing Using Baraha

Tulu Script by typing into English ASCII keyboard

Tulu Script Typing: Here is the 5 mins video that I recorded to show how you can type original Tulu letters/characters or Tulu Scripts by typing into English ASCII keyboard in your computer. You just need to follow 3 things.

Step 1 – Download Kannada Baraha Software

Download the Kannada Baraha software, that supports many Baraha Pads including Malayalam. Then select Malayalam as your Baraha Pad, maybe TULU pad is not released yet in Baraha or maybe Unicode team is not assigned printable characters for Tulu scripts in their Unicode location so far. As a temporary workaround, you can use MalayalamPad.

Go the Baraha Website https://baraha.com/download.php to download the Baraha application.

Step 2 – Download and Install Tulu Fonts for Tulu Script to Disapply on your Screen

Then download and install (just double click on downloaded .ttf file) the Tulu fonts into your computer from the following webpage. You can downloaded TULUSRI, SRiHARI Type1, SriHARI Type2 Tulu fonts. Your Tulu Scripts will be appear in these fonts once you start typing in Baraha Pad.

GO this website https://thetulufont.in to download the Tulu fonts.

Step 3 – Select Malayalam and Start Typing in BarahaPad

Open BarahaPad in your computer, select Malayalam as your BarahaPad and then select TULU SRI as your font.

Watch the following YouTube Video to Learn how to type Tulu Scripts in Full Details

Happily type your name in Tulu Script and show your name to the whole world in the same language that you speak.

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