Yogish.com website is more of a guide to both teachers and students, though a student can practice and perfect the language. I am planning to give more of interactive courses, reading and handwriting skills in Tulu script and then YouTube videos as well to give basics of vocabulary, conversations, grammar etc. I would like to teach the Tulu language to those who want to know Tulunadu traditions, start business in Mangalore, Udupi and to all the seekers of Tulu language including the students/teachers. The experience and the good feeling that I am getting while drafting the website content is just awesome, it keeps me engaging with immense pleasure to learn more about Tulu and Tulu Nadu traditions. When we learn English/Kannada, though we learn about parts of speech (noun, pronoun, verb, grammar etc.), but we never remember them completely. But still, somewhere in the back of our mind, it helps in improving our English/Kannada languages as well while studying or finding the study materials for Tulu to develop this website. You can reach out to me through Contact Us menu in this website to provide your feedback or directly post your comments on Tulu classes. You can view our YouTube Channel Mangalore Link to view video regarding the Tulu classes and subscribe to YouTube channel to get latest lessons on Tulu language.

Learn Tulu Language – Bale Tulu Kalpuga

Bale Tulu Kalpuga - Learn Tulu

Learn Tulu Quickly through our website https://yogish.com the easiest and fastest way to learn Tulu language effectively. Our Tulu language learning site will not only help you learn Tulu language grammar, but also will enable you to learn Tulu quickly including reading, reading and to talk fluently. Our website has great content that you don’t find anywhere else and is very easy to use. It is the best answer to questions on how to speak Tulu fluently.

You can learn Tulu quickly in this site, and can be used very handy when you travel India or Mangalore as our site is mobile friendly so that you can see all the contents in your mobile phones. It can be your own travel guide with the most frequently used phrases and words on your tour to India and Mangalore or Coastal Karnataka. Learn Tulu through English with our free website language translator app. Learn to speak Tulu as well.

Learning Tulu is an Enjoyable Experience

Our website turns learning into a fun-filled experience. Learn using quizzes, flash cards and by recording your own phrases. You will be able to learn spoken Tulu easily and fast at home, while being entertained at the same time. Not only that you’ll learn to speak Tulu, but you will learn spoken/conversational Tulu as well.

Categorized Words in Tulu, Kannada and English

If you are determined to learn a specific category of words, our website Bale Tulu Kalpuga will enable you that. It provides Tulu and Kannada translation for most frequently used words and phrases across 25 categories. You can use it like an English to Tulu dictionary for 2000+ easy Tulu words and easy Tulu phrases. It’s indeed a great handy tool that will get you talking conversational language fast.

The phrases are divided across 25 categories – Body Parts, Time, Calendar, Colors, Directions, Health, Emergency, Feelings, Food, Grocery, Friendship, Romance, Fruits, Vegetables, Flowers, Fishes, Birds, Animals, General, Greetings/Introductions, Conversation, Household, Relations, Language, Expressions, Numbers, Shopping, Spices, Travel, Driving, Accommodation, Weather, Work/Office, Kitchen, Animals, Sports and Study.

Build Tulu Knowledge and Upgrade your Tulu

Build knowledge from scratch or refresh your Tulu grammar. Our website easily enables you to improve your easy Tulu vocabulary and pronunciation, remember new words using Tulu Flashcards, learn the alphabet in Tulu or test your Tulu language knowledge with our fun Tulu quiz. Used as an English to Tulu dictionary or an English to Tulu learning app, “Learn Tulu Quickly” has several handy features that helps you with effective language learning.

Main Features of Bale Tulu Kalpuga

top features of bale tulu kalpuga

1. Carefully translated list of 2000+ most frequently used Tulu phrases and words for daily conversation, tulu numbers, tulu flowers, fruits, groceries, fishes, birds, animals, relationships, body parts etc. will make sure that you learn reading, writing, and speaking in Tulu in the most effective way possible

2. Powerful search that allows users to search within a vocabulary or the website category as well as across all vocabulary, common words categories

3. High quality text as well as audio of Tulu translation by native Tulu speakers in a crisp and clear voice will help with your pronunciation and intonation – A good aid for spoken Tulu

4. Tag, Bookmark your favorite phrases for quick reference and study Tulu on the go as our website is mobile phone friendly both in iPhone or Android or in any smart phones.

5. Study Tulu starting with the ABC – learn the basics with the alphabet including Vowels(Sorokulu) and Consonants(Vyanjanolu), sentences in Tulu

6. A Fun Quiz that is an effective Tulu language learning aid – Coming soon

7. Tulu Flash Cards to improve Tulu Vocabulary – Coming soon

If you wish to learn to speak in Tulu for free, then look no more. “Bale Tulu Kalpuga” is a quick and handy travel app for beginners and for serious language learners alike.

About Tulu Language

Tulu is a Dravidian language, predominently spoken in Dakshina Kannada(Mangalore), Udupi districts in coastal Karnataka and Kasaragod district of Kerala. One can also notice sizeable population of Tulu people in Mumbai and Bangalore, who migrated from Coastal Karnataka in search of jobs. Here, I am starting a new series of posts on Tulu. It will be for those who want to learn Tulu. Given below are the commonly used phrases in English and its equivalent in Tulu.

In between 14th to 15th century the oldest inscriptions were available in Tulu. These inscriptions are in Tigalari script and it is found in Barkur (capital of Tulu nadu) during Vijaynagar period. In Ullur Subrahmanya Temple near Kundapura found the another set of inscriptions. Many linguists like S.U. Panniyadi and L. V. Ramaswami Iyer as well as P.S. Subrahmanya suggested that Tulu is among the oldest languages in the Dravidian family which split autonomously from its Proto-Dravidian roots nearly 2,000 years ago.

How to Type Tulu Letters in Your Computer

Tulu Lessons

Tulu Lessons

Daily Used Tulu Words

Daily Used Tulu Words

Tulu Nadu News

tulu nadu news

Tulu Nadu Traditions

tulu nadu traditions

Rare Plants and Trees of Western Ghats

Plants and Trees of Western Ghats

SSLC Tulu Subject Question Papers

Karnataka SSLC Tulu Question Papers

Posts Related to Kannada

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About Me/Editor

About Yogish

I am a native Tulu speaker, born and brought up and also lived in Mangalore for more than 30 years until I get married. Currently I am living in USA for about 25 years with Kudla friends around and more emotionally attached to my native place Mangalore. I completed my schooling mostly in local Government Kannada Schools in undivided Dakshina Kannada districts of Mangalore and Udupi, including my High School. Though me and my friends spoke in Tulu, the teachers would instruct and scold us to speak in either Kannada or English in school premises. In the past (during my school days), the condition by teachers was set up in such a way that the Tuluvas would feel ashamed of their language. As time passed, my wife, wanted to talk only in Tulu after getting married to get fluency in Tulu speaking, mainly to talk to her grand parents and relatives in her Village who didn’t know Kannada or Hindi or English. Later being proud Tuluva parents, we taught Tulu language to my Son and Daughter as well who are currently living in America with us. Now both of them are very fluent in Tulu. So my children never had any communication issues whenever we go to Mangalore and while living in the village with their grand parents. In fact my son always want to dress up like local or village guy in panche/baniyan and he participated in ‘Kesaru Gadde’, ‘Aatidonj Dina’ programs as well during this summer vacation. No one could realize or believe that we were living in America from past 25 years, especially when we live like any common man in Mangalore with so much of attachment to Mangalore and to Tulunadu traditions. We being Tuluva parents are fortunate to teach our children Tuluva culture, Tuluva traditions and mostly cook Tulunadu food as well. My son loves Indian and Mangalorean cuisine very much. Idli, Dose, Pathrode, Samige, Pundi, Neer Dose, Kori Rotti, Kottige and Biriyani are some of his favorites. Tulunadu is like top of everything to me including my Coastal Town/village where I born and brought up, then the state and the country of the origin and the country where I currently live with my family.

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